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About miniOrange
Hard work   +    Discipline   =   Success

miniOrange is an American security company that has and will always stand for hard work and discipline. From its beginnings, the people involved with it have been hard workers, and we persevere day in and day out to ensure that these values remain ingrained in us. As firm believers in hard work and discipline, the miniOrange team is driven to ensure our customers the best possible experience in all of our various products.

Who we are?

miniOrange has grown from its initial size of 4 to 150 now. miniOrange is a security software company that was started from a garage in Wilmington, Massachusetts. The company was built from the ground up by a group of experienced technology architects, with a background in security themselves. Unwilling to continue in their day jobs, the team began miniOrange. Having a deep understanding of security, the miniOrange team applies their technical expertise to create unique and helpful solutions to the needs and challenges of the industry. We are growing day by day and will continue to do so!

The miniOrange team’s domain is in Cloud Security, Identity and Access Management, Mobile Security and Vulnerability Management. The central focus of our products and company revolve around these themes. Our solutions are specific, accurate and, most importantly, great at doing what they’re supposed to: Making you more secure!

Executive Leadership

       Anirban Mukherji

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Anirban has almost two decades of experience in architecture, design and delivery of complex security products. Anirban has built high performing teams from scratch in US and scaled them in companies like IBM and RSA Security. He has multiple Papers published on various security and engineering topics related to Strong Authentication, Access Governance, Vulnerability management, Secure Web Gateway, Mobile Security – Access Gateway, Cloud Security - IAM of a cloud stack, Agile adoption in distributed teams, Team collaboration etc. Anirban has successfully transformed teams doing waterfall into adopting agile/scrum methodologies. He has managed cross functional teams including development, quality, user experience and design, documentation, architecture, release engineering etc. He has been responsible for leading a range of product releases, from a v1.0 to a flagship product generating millions of dollars in revenue. He currently operates from Newyork office. In his spare time, Anirban is a triathlete and has recently completed Ironman, Netherlands!

       Sushma Singh


- Senior technical leader, with over 19 years of experience in enterprise software product development in the Security and Capital Markets domains.
- Experience in varying size organizations from large enterprises (Oracle, RSA) to startups (miniOrange Security) in a number of roles from developer through Principal Engineer and manager roles and to Chief architect for a product based start-up and an enterprise program.
- Chief Security Architect and directly responsible for delivering security products from a concept to a multi-tenant cloud service supporting 1000’s of customers worldwide.
- Domain knowledge of complex financial settlement systems, cyber security products, Compliance/Event Management products, capacity management, supply-chain analytic products.

miniOrange Team


Team Fun and Activities

We play together, we win together; we lose together, we stay together!

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